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It feels like a lifetime ago now... when I was 36, I lost everything in my life over the course of a year - my business and building, my house and car, my marriage and even my dog. Thankfully, I dusted myself off and got back up from the worst years of my life. My blog is about how losing everything made me start living a life filled with travel and adventure. I'm a storyteller... I allow you in to see the struggles and the triumphs, the tears and the smiles, the vulnerability and the chaos. I let you see me. For the past 4 years I was a full-time solo female traveler, visited all 50 states & 6 countries. I now live in Anchorage with my Australian Labradoodle, Porter Storm, who is my Medical Alert Service Dog in Training. Seed Plant Bloom is my passion project - an organic gardening subscription box that launched in 2018.


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That Will Make You Want To Garden Right Now


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